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May 27, 2014

Last February, we had the ultimate pleasure of a photo shoot with THE Holly Carlyle. Not only is Holly a professional, commercial, editorial, and wedding photographer all across California, but the way she runs her business and life–full of love–is what makes her ten steps ahead of the rest. Holly has a way of putting you at ease in front of her camera-you don’t even notice the big, black lens clicking away. It becomes an extension of Holly herself, simply requesting the best, most unique parts of you to shine through.

I had the opportunity in early 2011 to meet Holly (got her name from mutual friend, Mento Buru frontman, Matt Munoz) and use her talents for a small, backyard photo shoot. It was incredible! Never had I looked so flawless and beautiful. She didn’t just take pictures, she created art with just a camera and myself. So, (two years later) when the boys said we as a band needed some professional pics, Holly was my first and only choice!

Being from Bakersfield, Holly had been a friend of Travis Byler’s for a while, and she was pretty much a fan of Therese & the Sweetness from day one! In January of 2013, we sent Holly some (extremely) rough recordings of our new songs, and one song, “Raise A Glass,” stood out for a photo shoot theme. The main idea of the song is raising a glass for a final farewell-doesn’t matter where this road leads, we’re not sticking around. I think that’s what ignited this idea of the band in a bad-ass car, heading wherever the music road might lead. So Holly asked her friends, Kate and Pete, to bring out their bitchin’ red ‘70s convertible Cadillac to the desert…and the stage was set!

February 2013, we all got together (my roommate, Jaimi, on makeup, Jeff on sailboat sail duty) to entrust Holly with our ideal “look”, and she did not disappoint! It only took one beautiful afternoon/freezing evening (Travis’s light blue eyes were tearing up left and right with the bright sun, Jason and Gary struggled to stay out of the freezing wind between shots, and I was fighting goosebumps the whole time) to achieve the gorgeous shots we use for our website, all Facebook posts, and every poster.

This is a small thank you to the amazing, talented and genuine Holly Carlyle. She pretty much began our trip toward being a professional band. Find Holly on Facebook and on her website.



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